Safe Food Connection

Safe Food Connection
Delray Beach, Florida

  • Food Safety Consultants for Restaurants
  • Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR) Inspections Review
  • Food Manager Certifications
  • Food Handler Training
  • Restaurant Consultants

Successful  food safety in your restaurant can be achieved by simply complying with the rules and regulations set forth by the Department of Business and Professional Regulations.
Safe Food Connection has streamlined this process  and will assist you in "making the grade" BEFORE your next inspection. Safe Food Connection consultants will train and certify your managers and food handlers. 

Safe Food Connection has assisted hundreds of restaurants that have found themselves in the unfortunate situation of failing to pass inspection and in many cases this results in costly fines.   With our help, you will receive zero "critical violations"on your next inspection.  We will assist you to put in place a solid Food Safety Program; the best insurance that "critical violations" will not happen again.

Safe Food Connection will see that "corrective action" is taken to rectify these failed inspections.  Make the right call : 561-715-2938



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